Daily Tours to See Wooden Phinisi Sailing Boats Construction in Bonto Bahari

Now let’s flashback to the early history of phinisi boat at the southern tip of Sulawesi island, where local community build a maritime tradition for hundreds of years. The stories about the courage of the sailors of Bugis, Makassar, Mandar, and Konjo has become a byword to a distant country across the ocean. The beauty and resilience in the face of malignancy boat sea waves, has produced stories of heroism are admirable.

The story of the boat from Tanah Beru Phinisi and the sailors from the Bira, Bulukumba, who drove the boat, now is not an ordinary story. But not many realize the greatness of the sailors from the southern tip of Sulawesi, was built from a long tradition. This culture is based on the myth of the creation of the first boat by their ancestors.

Once Upon A Time in the mythology of Tanah Beru community, their ancestors create a larger boat for sailing on the sea, carrying merchandise and catch fish. When the first boat made, it’s been voyaged at sea. But accidents happen on the road. Waves and storm struck the boat and destroy it. Body parts dumped in the village of Ara boats, sailing and landed at Cape Bira landed in the Land of Lemo.

This incident seems to be a symbolic message to the village of Ara. They must beat the sea with their cooperation. Since the incident, Ara only as a special boat manufacturer. People who acquire the remaining special sailboat pleased to learn about astrology and the signs of nature. Lemo-Lemo While people are entrepreneurs who invested and used boats. The tradition of segregation of duties has been going on for years which finally led to the creation of a traditional wooden boat called Phinisi.

Now the mystical belief of the ancient mythology is still strong in every process of making Phinisi. Starting with a small ritual, boats Phinisi made after cutting ceremony in full. The ceremony was led by a boat handler called Panrita Lopi.

Various bidding requirements that they are not allowed to get behind in this ceremony as all snacks should taste sweet and healthy white chickens. Cake to generate the wishes of the owner of the boat will carry a higher profit. A little blood from white chickens attached to the boat hull. Ritual as a symbol of hope that there is blood spilled in the ship being designed. Then, his head cut off both ends of the hull builder and submit it to the boat-making leader. The tip pieces settled to the sea front in the exhaust as a sign that the ship can be fused with the waves at sea. Being back in pieces thrown to the ground as far as boats go to sea reminded that he must return him safely to shore. In the end, proclaiming Lopi Panrita prayers before the Creator.

Parts of the phinisi:
1. Anjong, triangle in front of as an imbalance.
2. Sombala, main screen large reach 200 m.
3. Tanpasere, triangular small screen in every major pillar.
4. Cocoro pantara, auxiliary screen in front
5. Cocoro tangnga, maid was in the middle of the screen.
6. Tarengke, auxiliary screen behind.

Related to this story phinisi ship, not afraid of the people in Bulukumba, South Sulawesi, that phinisi ship design will be submitted by foreign patents. Given the manufacturing center of the boat or ship phinisi the largest in the world located outside Indonesia. Examples of centers that exist only in some countries such as Japan, Australia, Malaysia and Brunei. Previously, the ship was already well known as a producer Bulukumba phinisi first with the best quality.

Tanah Beru is located 24 Kms to the East of Bulukumba. Tanah Beru is a Symbol of Bulukumba as the land of boat – builders BUTTA PANRITA LOPI.

This a place are famous phinisi boat, the phinisi boat called Phinisi Nusantara had sailed crossing the pacific ocean to Vancouver, Canada, Ammanagappa sailed until Madagaskar, Hati Marege sailed the ocean of south of east Timor until Darwin, Australia and Damar Sagara sailed to Philippine-Japan-Africa.

Bonto Bahari people combined their technical skill and magic to build the boat. People of area and Lemo – Lemo are expert of making phinisi boat but are not good sailors. People of Bira are expert in sailing but they don’t have skill to build phinisi. In this pleace you will feel amazing to watch people of Bonto Bahari skill building a phinisi with traditional tools. Each phinisi building holds a traditional ceremony.

Full day tours,learn how the Buginese build the wooden boat and also visit the Boat Builder of ARA cost Euro 35/person min 02 person including lunch box, car, English speaking guide and donation

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