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Exciting new diving destination in South Sulawesi. Unspoiled reefs, beautiful beaches, untouched paradise. Dont miss the opportunity to visit Pantai Bira.

Bira has some great diving and unlike many dive locations has very few divers, have the reef to yourself everyday.

Wether you are experienced or a beginner Bira has diving for everyone. For those who like to see big fish we have dramatic walls with a healthy amount of, rays, tunas, baracudas, tunas and no shortage of sharks, we see whitetips most days plus other bigger sharks regularly. Our healthy reefs have pristine coral and visibility is normally 20 to 30m and water temperature around 27C to 30C. In the months of August and September it does get a little colder, 24 to 26c but this is the best time of year to see the bigger fish like Mola Mola, hammerheads, mantas. The reefs of Bira Beach and Bara Beach have Green and Hawksbill Turtles and Schools of Bumbhead Parrotfish. There is gentle sloping reefs with excellent macro life for the small creature enthusiast, Nudis, Pipefish, Frogfish, Scorpionfish, Cuttlefish and Mantis Shrimp and Pigmy Seahorse are regualar sightings. For experienced and adrenelin seekers we have an amazing Sea Mound and the famous drop off Tanjung Bira with Giant Travelles, Nepolians Wrasse and Tunas of often much more. For beginners we have easy gentle reefs where you will see turtles, rays, morays even in the shallow water. So for those looking to dive somewhere different with great diving and uncrowded reefs why not try Bira

Bira is a small village about 190km away from Makassar (the capital of Sulawesi) has great beaches and no nightlife, the evening is normally a dinner and a few drinks in one of the restaurants. Though it does get busier on Saturday evening and Sunday daytime with domestic tourists getting away from Makassar for the weekend. But don’t expect any big parties! The local Indonesians are very friendly and always appreciate the chance to get a photo taken with you in.

To get away from it all Bara beach is a little piece of paradise, a walk or bike ride about 3km away, a beautiful coconut lined beach with very few people on. Opposite Bira beach about 20mins boat ride away is Liukang Island, even quieter than Bira, just two small villages with a small population. A great place to swim snorkel explore. There is no roads here so explore by foot. A lovely beach with one of our favorite warungs on as well. Around Liukang has some great diving too so we are known to stop and the beach for some grilled fish and a cold beer after a hard day at sea!

Around Bira it is great to hire a scooter and explore, there isnt much traffic around so just ride around and you will find some amazing views and you will find some amazing views beaches and wildlife. Very quickly around Bira you will get used to cows and goats wandering wild plus the occasional wild pig or monkeys crossing the road! So have your camera ready at all time!

One of the highlights in Bira is to see the Village of Tanah Beru (meaning New Land) about 18km from Bira where they build the traditional Phinisi Boats right on the beach.. These are the traditional style fishing boats that are popular in Indonesia, many of the luxury boats you see in places like Komodo are built right here. Most of the time if you ask you can climb on and see them being built.

Many people ask about the currents in Bira. Being Indonesia, Bira does indeed have currents from time but not nearly as strong and other destinations around. We are careful to pick where and when we go to sites to make sure they are safe. Most of the time the currents are gentle and easy to manage. Our team are experienced in the local waters and make sure you will be comfortable. For those who like drift diving there are a few great sites that we go and visit! But there are always comfortable options every day. The currents in Bira are very manageable, like most dive destinations not all sites are suitable for all levels. Safety and enjoyment are number one at Bira Dive Camp.

Getting to Bira:
Bira is located on a series of beaches at the southernmost tip of Sulawesi, far away from the crowds and big cities. Getting to and from Bira is easy and accessible to nearly all types of travelers.

Flights to Bira:
Nearly all visitors to visit come through Makassar. Makassar is the third largest city in Indonesia and has a very active airport. The official name of the airport is “Ujung Pandang” and the airport code is UPG. Bira does not have a local airport and all flights go through Makassar.

There are more than 2 dozen flights per day. There are direct flights from Kuala Lumpur, Bali, Jakarta, Manado and many smaller regional airports as well.

Airasia flies from Bali, Manado and Kuala Lumpur and allows for online bookings.

Great Flight Deals to Makassar

Getting to Makassar (also know as Ujung Pandang) airport code UPG. Direct Domestic Daily flights from Bali, Jakarta, Labuan Bajo, Surabaya and Lombok!

Daily Flights to Makassar (please note Makassar is also known as Ujung Pandang and the airport code is (UPG)

Kuala Lumpur to Makassar by Air Asia prices start from €34, just a 3 hour journey Air Asia

Jakarta to Makassar by Air Asia prices start from €34, just a 2 and 1/2 hour journey Air Asia

Denpasar to Makassar by Air Asia prices start from €34, just a 1 and 1/2 hour journey Air Asia

Lombok to Makassar by Garuda Air prices start from €55 just 45 mins! Gauruda Air

Labuan Bajo to Makassar (via Bali) by Lion Air prices from €110! Lion Air

Bus to Bira
From Mellengkeri Bus Terminal in Makassar
Price Around €5
Public Transport departures are from 7am until 6pm.

Pro-Tips: Bira is a common destination for foreigners, so travel to Bira is not at all complicated. The bus journey takes around 6-7 hours. Some buses are direct to Bira, some stop in Bulakumba (which is one hour away). If the buses stop in Bulakumba, simply grab just get a small local bus – “bemo”/”pede-pede” to Bira (€1),some stop in the harbor 1km from Bira Beach (you can walk from here or get a lift on a scooter).

In the afternoon there is more Kijangs (Local buses) which are direct to Bira from the terminal- but the ones to Bulakumba are more frequent throughout the day. Either way its easy and very rare anyone will try to overcharge you. Its more likely you will have some new friends by the time you get here! For those who want a little extra space in the Kijang you are welcome to pay for an extra seat for the journey too.

Taxi to Bira
You can easily get these on arriving at the airport – just negotiate for the price ahead of time. Or you can contact Bira Divers and we will arrange one to pick you up. Price tends to €50 for the car (up to 4 people), the journey takes 5 hours. Fuel and fees are included in these prices. There are some scenic spots along the route. Meals are available at roadside cafes (Warungs).

Ferry to Bira
There is a ferry directly to Bira from Flores (Labuan Bajo) which leaves once a week and takes around 24 hours.
Labuan Bajo to Bira Tuesday 2pm
Bira to Labuan Bajo Sunday midnight
One way is 125,000rp per person, there is sometimes cabin available which you can ask for once on the ferry for a small ‘fee’

Bira Dive Camp is set on one of the longest white-sand beaches in South Sulawesi. With so much sand, so much space and so few other people – you can kick back and enjoy you dive camp the way it should be!
Hammocks are there for you to relax and enjoy the sunsets, the cold beers are waiting for you just a few steps away at the driftwood bar.

And then…the diving. Oh the diving….with the rich seas and reefs of the southernmost tip of Sulawesi we experience everything from the smallest shrimps and pygmy seahorses to migrating whales, dolphins and Mola Mola.

The beaches here are perfect for swimming and snorkeling. There is very little boat traffic on these beaches and so much to see. Wander the beaches, find a coconut tree and to relax under and just wile away the afternoon…or just wander around…
The beaches are usually a fantastic bright white sand with coconut palms and all. Sure the beaches are not free of driftwood and even the occasional goat – but it is far and away the most picturesque beaches in South Sulawesi.

Bira Dive Camp is set on one of the longest white-sand beaches in South Sulawesi. With so much sand, so much space and so few other people – you can kick back and enjoy you dive camp the way it should be!

The Camp
Our dive camp consists of several repurposed traditional houses, all hand-built by craftsmen from the local village helping preserve their cultural heritage. Rustic, comfortable and the perfect way to enjoy dive camp.

Rates and Package:
Dive Package Details per person/day
3 dives Inc Accommodation including breakfast USD 145
2 dives Inc Accommodation including breakfast USD 110
Accommodation including breakfast USD 40

All bungalows is share bathrooms

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