Liukang Island : Off coast island of Bira Beach., White beaches & Great Snorkeling

South of the Bira peninsula lies the 80 km long, long-stretched island of Selayar. The 16 km wide strait between Bira and Selayar is well know for its attractive diving spots. The most popular dive locations here are around the islands “Pulau Liukang “, Pulau Kambing” and “Pasi Tanete”. It is strongly advised to be accompanied by a dive guide that knows this area well, as currents can be dangerous.
You can see Liukang Loe Island from Bira Cape, Inhabitant Island that could be reached by motorboat for about 10 minutes.This island is one of the famous underwater heaven that attract local and international tourist for diving or snorkeling.

Kambing Island is the sightseeing of Bira Cape that could be reached by motorboat within 10-15 minutes, but it’s an empty island, out of the fact that many travelers do underwater activity. Kambing in bahasa means “Goat”, as mentioned above there’s none living here accept hundreds of island goat.

this excellent  dive sites are situated in the strait between Selayar island and Bira. You dive on a wall that drops down to at least 60m. Sometimes strong current. On the dive there are constantly sharks patrolling back and forth – white tipped, black tipped sharks on the wall and nurse sharks at the coral garden that starts from about 15m up. But you are also very likely to see schools of hunting mackerels or tunas and great trevallies as well as groups of bumphead parrotfishes. In the coral garden you might find scorpionfishes, cuttlefish or octopus and with luck the juvenile zebra batfish. A great place for scuba diving!

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