Pua Janggo Hill : Great Panorama and Spectacular Sunset View in Bira Beach Sulawesi

Pua Janggo Highland is located in Bira Valley Hills, 2 KM from Bira Beach. You will find one of the stunning natural sights from this site to borderless marine with milieu of Bira port and Bira Cape that surrounds by magnificent rock hills.

This earliest site of Pua Janggo is related to the local civilization myths. In the very beginning, the Bira people who worked as fisherman had been visited by Moslem figure that called Pua Janggo. At nowadays there is still a confuseness for “Pua Janggo” real name, as some people mentioned Abdul Halis bin Abdullah, others said Abdul Basir bin Abdul Jalil.

At this site, you will find lump of cylinder Andesit Stone that looks like as tombstone with of cudgel shape, sized 75 cm height and 20 cm of diameter, in the 4×4 meters building. While you enjoying the fresh air and magnificent panorama, you will smell of sting fragrance, that might be stroked by pilgrimate.

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